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S2E17: Charlie Chapman

Slices: The Deep Dish Swift Podcast – Season 2

In the 17th episode of Slices: The Deep Dish Swift Podcast, Kai and Malin chat with Charlie Chapman.


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Slice by Slice – Lyrics

Grab a slice of the action
We're here to make it happen
Deep Dish Swift
The conference is crackin'
In the Windy City
Where it's oh so chill
We're bringing developers together
It's a thrill

[Verse 2]
From beginners to pros
We've got it covered
Apple platform dev
We'll leave you smothered
With knowledge and connections
We'll help you grow
Indie developer day
You know it's gonna show

Slice by slice
We're taking a bite
At Deep Dish Swift
We're gonna ignite
Pizza puns and Swift code
It's all in play
At the conference where the magic stays

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